Young Women with Backpacks

About Us

On October 11, 2020, Margaret’s PEARLZ Haven, Inc. was brought to life by LaChantille Dominique O’Connor.  Growing up as a young girl in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, LaChantille experienced several hardships along with the normal day to day teenage problems.  It was in some of those times that she retreated to grandmother, Margaret’s, home.  Her home was a safe place, “haven” when she needed to escape from all her cares and worries.  Margaret was also an inspiration.  She took time to listen and talk to LaChantille when she felt there was no one else.  In addition, she taught her about hard work and caring for others. 


After joining the military in 1996, LaChantille was able volunteer in different communities in the US and around the world.  In June 2013, when at one of lowest points of her life when she volunteered at a local women’s shelter.  Out of that low place, she was able share and uplift the women and at the same time learning so much about herself and why she was placed on this Earth.  It was then her call was confirmed.  In October 2020, she and her daughter (who also has the name Margaret) came up with the name Margaret’s PEARLZ Haven. The goal was to provide a place where young ladies reside in a haven where they receive food clothing and shelter and also the necessary life skills and personal/professional development. Each young lady will realize that even though they experience hardships and rough times, they can and will overcome!


"We Can't Always Build The Future for Our Youth,

but We Can Build Our Youth for The Future. "

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our Vision

Margaret’s PEARLZ Haven envisions young ladies who realize they are “PEARLZ”: 

Purpose-Driven, Empowered, Accepting, Resilient, Loving, and Zealous.

Purpose-Driven young ladies who understand their purpose and strive towards their goals, in spite of the difficult past they may have faced

Empowered, strong and capable young ladies who understand their worth and know they deserve the best that life has to offer

Accepting of every challenge(s) that has come her way and confident in her ability to rise above it

Resilient and Ready to face those challenges and is determined to “bounce forward” into her destiny 

Loving themselves, first and then, loving others

Zealous for life and excited about what life has in store!

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Helping Hands

Our Goals

Currently Margaret's PEARLZ Haven has 6 Simple Goals

These goals includes, but  are not limited to:

1. Provide a safe place so that each young lady feels comfortable and secure. 

2. Assemble a customized development plan to meet the specific need of each young

lady and establish reasonable milestones to meet those needs. 

3. Assist each young lady in developing their own personal goals

while residing in Margaret’s PEARLZ Haven. 

4.  Develop relationships and partnerships with organizations in the local and

national community to provide necessary life skills.

5. Connect each young lady with a “Home Mentor” to guide, to support, and

to lend a helping hand when needed. 

6.  Continued support and care for each young lady as they transition out of

Margaret’s PEARLZ Haven into the next phase of their life.

This is an All Hands on Deck Mission, Your Support is Needed!